About Me

IMG_0284Welcome! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joey Jenkins. I consider myself a basketball purist and student of the game for life. I have been a player for 32 years (now retired), a basketball official behind the whistle for over 11 years and counting, an active coach since 2005, as well as, an individual trainer for kids, from inexperienced to college level athletes.

As a player, I won a National Championship in 2009 at the collegiate level, then played semi-pro and professionally in the United States, as well as, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

I was first put in charge of officiating college intramurals back in 2006. I soon became a certified referee calling high school, and college basketball games in SouthWest Missouri. When I played in Europe, I had the opportunity to become a licensed official in Germany where I would referee junior league games.

I have coached on the sidelines of a number of teams including kids, church league high school teams, and even as an assistant coach in college.

I do NOT consider myself an expert, because I am always learning from an ever-evolving game that has taught me so much, not only about basketball, but about life. I would much rather assume the role as “Student of the Game” or “Basketball Purist”, at best. Using a lifetime of experience from all 3 positions I have achieved in my career, being a player, an official, and a coach (and of course a life-long fan), I am responsible to share my experiences with the world.

The old saying goes, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”. I am a firm believer that is the case in basketball to accomplish whatever your goals may be. There are many players and coaches (even referees) that have used different methods to achieve the exact same goals in their careers. So even an old school mind like mine would love to hear anyone’s input on subject matters you feel you can enlighten us all with. Because the moment we stop learning, we stop growing, and when we stop growing we no longer have the essence of life within us.