A BIG Man’s Debate 


Of course Kareem had the points, Russell had the rings, Wilt could do it all, Shaq was physically superior, Mikan was the first to do it, the Dream had the moves, the Admiral and Patrick won gold in Barcelona, Mutombo made the “finger wag” famous, Yao was the one and only beast from the East, and of course Walton had the hair. 

But what defines greatness? Could it possibly extend off the court?

Russell and Jabbar were civil rights activists, Wilt had sex with literally 20,000 women (which many would consider to be quite the feat), Shaquille could make a commercial out of anything, Hakeem and Dikembe brought Africa to the League, George Mikan taught us about history, Ewing reminded us where Madison Square Garden is, Robinson made the NBA start testing for performance enhancing drugs, (merely because of his biceps), Yao Ming was the biggest thing on YouTube (7’5″), and Bill Walton made the phrase, “Throw it down big man. Throw it down!” famous. 

So throughout the years, regardless of the era, who is your number 1 pick to hold down the paint? Who would you choose to anchor your defense? If you needed a BIG bucket, who would you go to? Was there a special giant you would select to have as a leader in the locker room? 

Let us know your choice and why. 

And do not worry. Even if you like Dwight Howard, chances are, you will not be blacklisted. We want to hear every reason (fact or opinion) your big man is the one. 

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